Print Server Migration

Recently I had to retire an end of life Windows 2008 R2 print server, as you will see from the image below the number of drivers on the server was significant compared to the number of printers deployed:

Over the years drivers had been migrated with each server upgrade as well as when a new driver was updated by the manufacturer. Moving forward there is the question of how do I migrate the printers without bringing over all of the crap that I don’t need?

A: A few lines of code and some know how:
1. On the old server open an administrative command prompt and set the current directory to the printer tools directory
cd “C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Tools
2. runĀ Printbrm -b -f Printserverconfig.printerexport in the same window, this will take some time to complete especially if you have a large number of drivers, wait for the tool to fully complete its task.

-sidenoteĀ I have seen this tool not work as expected when using PowerShell to be safe when using printbrm.exe you should use it in an administrative command prompt.
3. create a child folder in the current tools directory, I named mine “Migrate” Continue reading “Print Server Migration”