Does my server need Internet Explorer?

Do I need internet explorer on my server?
A: No, there should be no need to have IE on a server unless you are using an application that specifically requires an IE component or you are using IIS and need to get to localhost to log in. (I have seen companies say that IE is required so they could render a “everything is ok” website from localhost, we can get around this by simply usingĀ Invoke-WebRequest … but I digress.)

While I prefer to remove IE from an image prior to it being installed, it is not always an option. Chances are the bulk of your servers have IE installed so how can we remove it from the operating system?
I’m glad you asked, we can remove it using an elevated PowerShell console and the commandlet “Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature” to remove the baked in IE:

Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64 -Remove -NoRestart -Verbose

The command ensures that the feature will no longer be present after a reboot and that a reboot is not required. -Verbose is not required however when it is an option I like to include it to ensure I get all prevalent information